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Thread: Like the Cap Surcharge? Come to Water Rate Hearing Feb 8th 7:30pm

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    Default Like the Cap Surcharge? Come to Water Rate Hearing Feb 8th 7:30pm

    Enjoying the Capital Surcharge? Tell Board of Public Works at the water rate hearing what you think about it

    Did you know:
    • Your water bill's capital surcharge has nothing to do with your water usage?
    • The capital surcharge shifted costs which were NOT part of the Baldwin treatment plant out of the water usage rates?
    • Town Meeting lacks the authority to direct the Board of Public Works how to bill for water?
    • For a minimum user, the surcharge was a 236% increase, while for a top-tier user it was a scant 5% increase?
    • More than 2/3rds of town users would be charged less if the surcharge were built into the tiered water rates?
    • FinCom guidance in the 2006 and 2008 Town Meeting warrants:
      - said the treatment plant costs would be in the rates - but instead we got a surcharge?
      - substantially underestimated what the additional costs would be?
    • For more than 2/3s of meters, the surcharge is more than the water bill - but it raises only 1/3 of water department expenses?
    • Wayland's water bills for the small user are double that of comparable towns?
    • If the DEP were to consider the surcharge as part of Wayland's water rates, the effective rate for 2/3s of the town meters would get cheaper as more water was used - a violation of state law which forbids rates on a descending rate bases?
    • A portion of the debt service for the treatment plant could still be moved to the real estate tax - where it would be deductible?

    The burden of this surcharge falls heaviest on smaller users. Simply stated, it is unfair.

    The surcharge was adopted with insufficient consideration of fairness to small and medium users. The surcharge was adopted with insufficient consideration of its effect on conservation.

    Small and medium water users are subsidizing pouring filtered, treated drinking water on the large lawns of the largest water users. This is unsustainable and insupportable.

    Equity demands that all debt services be included in Wayland's tiered water rates.

    I urge Wayland citizen's to read the Abrahams Group "Interium Water Rates Study Report" - available from the Attend and speak out at the Board of Public Works Rate Hearing - 7:30 pm Tuesday February 8th, Wayland Town Hall.

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    Nice summary! Thanks for taking the time to write this up.


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    Does anyone know the DPW's reasoning behind assessing this surcharge in a manner that is unrelated to water usage?

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