I confess to lurking here on occasion, and evidently Wayland has it share of experts. So sitting in my hydro-carbon burning machine yesterday with 10 other cars waiting five minutes to enter a crowded transfer station, it occurred to me to put this puzzler out there.

What precisely are the savings, environmental and financial to having scores of individuals drive from all over town to the dump each week to recycle various goods? I certainly enjoy seeing friends at the dump, the ride is pleasant enough most times, and we have a nice new bridge on Route 20 to traverse. But the costs are plenty. Foremost may be time. Time everyone in my household and yours must spend sorting disposables. Plastic, paper, batteries, plastic bags, etc. Time to travel to the dump. (30-40 minutes roundtrip for me.) Miles and gallons of petroleum employed to get there. You get the picture. All to ensure a plastic shampoo bottle is reconverted into a plastic pellet or two, to be used in a new plastic product? Having received a lecture from a kindly soul at the Sudbury transfer station last Thursday about sorting #1 & #2 from all other plastics, and struggling to find and read miniature triangles with these numbers on the bottoms of bottles...I came to the conclusion I would never again waste time or energy on Thursday runs to Sudbury. At least Wayland's "siingle stream" processing is more efficient for our household. I understand a much smaller percentage of Sudbury residents choose to use their transfer station and recycle. No wonder.

I like to feel good about sorting and reusing of materials, but is it all worthwhile?

I haven't a clue. What do you think?