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Thread: Open letter to RSVPwayland chair Ken Isaacson

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    Default Open letter to RSVPwayland chair Ken Isaacson

    Dear Mr. Isaacson,

    I'm baffled by RSVPwayland's ongoing refusal to correct misleading and erroneous information on your web site at and in various print publications. The Chair of the Finance Committee, the Chair of the School Committee, and Wayland eNews have all respectfully provided you with the information needed to make the necessary corrections.

    Yet still you refuse, as evidenced most recently by your 4/20 Town Crier letter and a flyer sent to some Wayland households that same week. I would be interested to know why. Do you not understand the information that has been given to you? Have you not taken the time to look at it? Are personal interests guiding your actions? Am I missing a possible explanation? I simply don't understand.

    = Your tax bill growth number of 47% neglects to account for growth; if the override passes, the correct number will be 35%.

    = Your sudden inclusion for 2007 of the CPA tax erroneously inflates the tax bill increase; the CPA increase is $11, not $112.

    = Your "failed overrides don't harm property values" conclusion is incorrect; failed overrides do harm property values relative to approved overrides.

    = Your assertion that using the median home value understates things for 477 homes is nonsensical; the median is the value at which 50% of homes are worth less and 50% worth more.

    I could go on, but the examples above are the most egregious. Inadvertent errors are one thing. We all make them, and we should all correct them when they are brought to our attention. I'm having a hard time making sense of your refusal to do so. Perhaps you can enlighten us.

    Thank you very much for your time and attention.

    Jeff Dieffenbach

    cc: Michael Tichnor, Chair, Wayland Board of Selectmen
    Chris Riley, Chair, Wayland Finance Committee
    Kim Reichelt, Wayland eNews
    Ian Hecker, Editorial Board, Wayland eNews
    Larry Krakauer, Editorial Board, Wayland eNews
    Betsy Connolly, Editorial Board, Wayland eNews
    Katie Liesener, Reporter, Wayland Town Crier
    Michael Wyner, Editor, Wayland Town Crier
    Richard Lodge, Editor-in-Chief, MetroWest Daily News

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    A minor point, but an additional one worth making since RSVP dedicated a significant portion of their 4-page townwide mailing to it, is that the Census data understates household income.

    The federal government provides notes that accompany the census data that explain that the income data has known deficiencies. In particular, it is self-reported. It is not, for example, IRS data.

    When the government has done further research on this, they have found that people tend to report wage and salary information quite accurately, but to exclude pretty much everything else (e.g., investment income, retirement income, disability income...) in some cases because they don't understand what to include, in others because they don't think it's anybody's business.

    In any event, you can be sure that there are far fewer people in the lower income ranges than are depicted on their graphic. I notified RSVP of this, but they have neglected to acknowledge this point, and keep citing statistics from it without any footnote regarding income understatement.

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    Usually a LACK of response speaks volumes about intentions and character. It's so sad that some people need to use incorrect info. in order to back their position. It only reinforces how weak their positions really are. I pity those people/organizations that do not admit when they've distributed false information. It's one thing to vote your opinion, but when you intentionally put out incorrect information (fair to say it was intentional since there is no response to inquiries) you are now unfairly impacting other voters....please keep your false information to yourself.


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