I gather from your notice regarding Wednesday night's gathering that the Selectmen are trying to identify how to define the essence of Wayland. As Wayland is assuming the status of the community paying the state's highest property taxes, and as that is rapidly becoming our most recognized attribute, particularly to the real estate market, perhaps one of the following could serve as our new town slogan:

Wayland: #1 in Taxachusetts
Wayland: The Buck Stops Here!
Wayland: Flood Zone for Deep Pockets
Wayland: Our Favorite Money Pit!
Wayland: If You Lived Here, You'd Be Broke By Now
Wayland: On the Fast Track to the Poor House

or my favorite:

Wayland: Poverty Loves Company

Maybe my fellow readers of Wayland eNews could add to the list in assistance of our Selectmen.

Steven M. Glovsky
Shaw Drive