Since transparency's all the rage ...

I'm not positive, but I think that it was in the Town Crier comments section that I had an exchange with John Flaherty and/or an anonymous poster about the content of (As a tangent, I continue to be amused by the irony of that site's having operated for years before posting information about who owns it.)

In particular, I was commenting about the juxtaposition of WT's obfuscate/spin/red herring banner with its right navigation link to "Kinney Wins!" When I asked why there was no mention of "equal" winner John Bladon, the argument was made that WT is 90% about the schools.

Two responses:

1. The election of a Board of Selectmen member would seem to me to be worthy of a piece of the remaining 10%.
2. WT still makes no mention of the appointment of School Committee member Beth Butler; how that isn't a worthy topic for WT's 90% baffles me.

Obfuscate/spin/red herring indeed.