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    I guess since it's now summer and people are hopefully outside doing "stuff" that they aren't as active here...Not sure why I'm here right now...but I like hearing about stuff...and adding my two cents...for example...The NSTAR helicopter that's going to be flying over Wayland on Wednesday...I was just curious that maybe since NSTAR doesn't already make enough money on us...maybe they could offer us some rides...and charge us...that would an interesting see Wayland from a helicopter...any thoughts? Also, I remember back in 2002...some guy came to our door and asked us if we wanted to buy a picture of our house...which was taken from a Helicopter...$85 or something like that..I thought he was crazy...but we ended up buying it and framing it and it was kind of cool...until Google Earth showed up...

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    Speaking of helicopters, a few years back, I was doing some aerial photography in the area and was afforded a unique perspective of Wayland.

    It appeared to be an oasis of trees tucked in between all the development and concrete of the Pike and Rt. 9 with Natick/Framingham/Worchester to the west and Cambridge/Boston to the east. Seeing them all at once, the contrast was quite striking from the air. Something that even Google Earth doesn't do justice.

    It really made me appreciate what people refer to as our semi-rural environment.
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