We received the following letter from Moderator Peter Gossels:

To the Editors,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my respect and gratitude to the members of the Town Meeting Procedures Review Committee, who were appointed severally by the Selectmen, the Finance Committee and myself to consider procedures and logistics that would make Wayland’s Town Meetings more efficient, effective and user-friendly.

The Committee composed of David H. Bernstein, Dennis J. Berry, Steven Correia, Miranda S. Jones, Richard M. Stack, William Steinberg and myself represented a fair cross-section of Wayland’s diverse community and met almost every week starting on February 25, 2010. We also held three public hearings to help us identify the problems that have been observed over time in connection with Wayland’s town meetings and to evaluate possible lawful solutions that might improve the way we conduct our meetings.

Attendance at each of our meetings and hearings was nearly perfect and every member participated fully in our deliberations. Our discussions of the issues and possible solutions were lively and often fascinating, because we learned so much from each other. We often disagreed with each other as we began to consider a topic and often agreed upon a solution. Never once did a member of our committee exhibit any sign of impatience or disrespect toward any other member.

Every member took a turn in taking the minutes of our weekly meetings and Dennis Berry, our reporter, drafted, revised, revised and revised the report and recommendations of our Committee.

We delivered our interim report to the Selectmen on April 26, 2010 on schedule and our final report on July 26, 2010. A copy will be posted on Wayland’s website: www.wayland.ma.us.

It was truly a privilege and a pleasure to work with my colleagues on Wayland’s Town Meeting Procedures Review Committee.

I have never worked with a finer, more hardworking committee.

C. Peter R. Gossels, Moderator
of the Town of Wayland

Note: that report is available online here: http://www.wayland.ma.us/Pages/Wayla...rtJuly2010.pdf