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Thread: Being slandered by innuendo on the Crier by truth4wayland

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    Angry Being slandered by innuendo on the Crier by truth4wayland


    Although you have setup a thread on 'nasty comments' already, I feel that this thread needs to now be posted and visible as a standalone.

    I would personally appreciate it if you would leave this thread up by itself and not combine it.
    I do not intend to reply back to this thread.. but others are certainly welcome to do that.

    Consider this link and this comment:

    "The way certain people are promoting this and the way they seem to get the company to respond makes it appear that their is some sort of financial benefit coming to the supporters."

    This anonymous truth4wayland posted a comment referring to 'certain people'. Who are those 'certain people' - I must assume that the main 'certain person' is Alan Reiss and even though truth4wayland did not name me directly, he pointed to me directly. Any court of law would agree with that.

    truth4wayland should also note that there have been other very visible supporters of Electronic Voting and the mud that he slings also lands on them too.

    truth4wayland also goes onto say: "makes it appear that their is some sort of financial benefit coming to the supporters."

    This is the point where innuendo is used to create slander and libel.

    Without proof truth4wayland uses his anonymity like a knife to degrade my reputation, my purposes and my hard work and efforts to have pulled off a free trial for Wayland for the exclusive purpose of seeing whether technology can help to solve the numerous issues around New England town meeting.

    In my short political life in Wayland I have faced criticism by my detractors on many occasions but those criticisms were based on philosophy and point of view... I never had a problem with that and I was always willing to jump into the debate to listen to their point of view and to make sure I had mine heard too. That is the way it is supposed to work.

    But innuendo leading to slander and libel is a circumstance that has not occurred for me until today Saturday May 29th, 2010 and it was done by truth4wayland an anonymous poster who has the ability to hide and cower behind his handle.

    Today I have launched an investigation as to who truth4wayland is with the CRIER and its parent GATEHOUSE media. This is not over. So truth4wayland you have a nice memorial day weekend and you think about this.

    Over the next year I will be working hard for Wayland by working with a newly forming committee headed by our moderator on bringing a successful e-voting demonstration to Wayland ATM 2011. The voters of ATM 2010 voted for this with a thunderous YAY and they deserve no less then a well executed and useful demonstration so they can make an informed decision going forward as whether they should want it, should rent it, should lease it, should share it or should buy it.

    All of the people who have helped and supported the effort to bring solutions town meeting I thank you for your valuable help. This was not a solo effort and I could not have done this by myself.

    As for who I work for and whether I receive any financial gain....
    I have posted a statement as an answer to a question on the newly re-created website See the tab FAQ

    Please go there and read my personal statement and I would expect that this issue should not come up again.
    Do you hear me truth4wayland, whoever you are?

    I have added the PDF copy of the article and the offending thread in case it gets deleted.
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