It was interesting to note that virtually evey member of our town govenment seemed to vote against posting their policiies on the town website(s).

At what point does "transparency" become more than just a word, more than just a soundbite?

I was asked last night if I would be interested and willing to post the boards' policies on
And of course, I said I'd be delighted! (Well, I didn't exactly say that. I don't often use the word "delighted")
In any case I did say yes and it took me all of about 5 minutes to do it. And that included conveting the Word document to a JPG and a PDF before uploading.

So, whatever it was that was said last night about this being just too burdensome just doesn't make sense to me. In fact, I'm quite sure the opposite is true - by not posting them, each board will periodically get requests from the public and will have to go through whatever time and expense is involved in providing it, rather than simply poining them to a URL and saying "click here".

The only one I've posted so far is the BOS Policy manual.
If any one has any others, please send them along and I'm happy to post them.