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    Default Response to SOS Wayland

    Friday, our household received an email message from SOS Wayland. Since this message did not include a list of all recipients, I am responding here. The quotes below were taken verbatim from this message, including the emphasis.

    While the operating budget passed, the discussion about the capital budget, including all the items that were part of the debt exclusion, continues Monday night. Last night, multiple attempts were made to eliminate items from the capital budget despite passage of the debt exclusion at the polls.
    As explained by the Moderator at Thursday night's meeting, the purpose of the ballot question is to prevent Town Meeting attendees from deciding to spend more than voters deem appropriate. Since the capital budget is being presented in all or nothing form, the debt exclusion's narrow passage at the polls means that a slim majority of Wayland voters supported the package deal. One cannot infer from this that everyone who voted yes supported each and every item in the capital budget. Town meeting attendees are under no obligation to approve the entire package because the ballot question passed, and are completely within their rights to amend the capital budget on an item-by-item basis.

    And these attempts were made despite an almost year-long public and deliberative process of budget development by numerous boards, committees and staff.
    In Wayland's form of government, the product of this deliberative process is a proposal that demands our critical assessment, not a decision that we should automatically rubber-stamp without objection.
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