For the first time in recent memory, and perhaps ever, Wayalnd eNews put out their newsletter for the week on Sunday ( instead of Monday.

In the second paragraph, the following was written:

"Amendments thus far incorporated into Article 5's Capital Budget are elimination of the following: the new Bath House, the paving of the North Cemetery, and the Water Department's Network Meters Reading System. The gavel not having been pounded at the end of Article 5, that article remains open for amendments and further debate. Among items not yet addressed is the School Department's Capital Request. A presentation on that request is available online here (detailed information is available here). The warrant is available online here. WaylandeNews maintained a real-time update of events at Town Meeting, and this recap is available here."

Given the numerous e-mails sent out by SOS, their supporters, and at least one member of the WSC over the weekend, using "sky is falling" language about what is to transpire on Monday, I find it interesting that a newsletter that purports to be unbiased has taken this unusual step. Isn't this type of stuff exactly what people accuse WVN of all the time?

Interested in the thoughts of the DF readers...