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Thread: Mr. Moderator, I move you, Sir, to terminate uncivility

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    Default Mr. Moderator, I move you, Sir, to terminate uncivility

    There has been so much press in recent months about bullying. Cyber-bullying, suicides, our schools. We want our kids to treat each other with compassion and civility. Our kids don't need to be friends with everyone else, but they do need to treat everyone else with respect, and be civil.

    Who are their role models? Who helps set the tone for whether this behavior is OK? WE DO! Kids learn this stuff from the world around them, and from adults. We help them understand what sort of behavior is OK, what is acceptable and what is not.

    I call upon us all to band together, to reach across the aisle and let our neighbors know that it is OK to disagree, but that we cannot be disagreeable.

    Last night, on the first standing count, Alan Reiss and I jokingly stared each other down. I voted one way (the right way :-), he voted the other. We can take opposite sides and still treat each other with respect. I hope that those around him (and me) knew that we were joking when we gestured to each other, "I am watching you." To us, this was funny, because we both know that it is OK to disagree, it doesn't mean that we can't get along. I don't even remember which vote this was, and it doesn't matter.

    I found this post on another discussion forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Someone on another forum
    I, too wouldn't be surprised if they (the School Committee and SOS) fight it (Article 6).

    If they do, 'the people' should have a good look around the room and stare down the ones fighting it the same way they usually stare down anyone who should have the gall to vote against their favorite bills. (hopefully, the Electronic Voting article should put an end to this intimidation in the near future)
    Can we all agree together to stand up and say "NO!". We are not going to have a good look around the room and stare anyone down for the way they vote on ANYthing. And if anyone out there wants to be a bully on any of these articles, the rest of us will stand up for the victim (even if we disagree with their vote) and say to that bully, "That bullying is not welcome here. We are a community of neighbors, and we will not treat each other this way."

    I mean really -- how can someone be for Electronic Voting for privacy and simultaneously for staring down people who disagree with them? It's completely nonsensical. And if you think it's wrong for someone else to do it, then why, for pete's sake, would you do it yourself?

    Personally, I have had (more than) enough of the lack of civility. I have had enough of people thinking they have to take sides. I have had enough of people who think that those who disagree with them are the enemy. This is the end. I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore.

    I don't want to see anymore personal attacks of any kind on this Discussion Forum. Stick to the issues. Talk about stuff that matters. There will be no bullying here. If you have something to say, think of the nicest possible way to say it. Take an extra minute to think how it might be misconstrued. But then when you read someone else's post, ask yourself if you've read it in the most positive light, or whether you're trying to read the worst possible intent. Before you hit the Post button, ask yourself what you would say if you saw your child about to make the same post.

    I'm angry, but I'm calm, too. This is a new day. Don't bully me. Don't bully anyone else. Or you are not welcome here. And I expect EVERYONE to stand up for the victims. And then I expect no more victims, because we will all have grown up.
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