Press Release submitted by Steve Goldstein, Route 30 Recreation Center Foundation, Inc.:

With the completion of its work to establish the viability of a Recreation Center in Wayland, the non-profit Route 30 Recreation Center Foundation has announced a number of steps to continue the progress to make the center a reality.

“It’s been a very exciting period in the creation of 30 REC as a real asset for Wayland” said David Poulin, President of the Foundation. “We’ve determined that there is tremendous demand for a Recreation Center and that we can create something that will serve the interests of citizens of all age groups and many sports and recreation interests. The town has already purchased land for this kind of use and our analysis shows that it can be built without a penny of taxpayer money and generate $50,000 to $100,000 annually for the town.”

Poulin also commented further on the analysis. “We’ve confirmed that the site is well suited for this use and that it can be a real benefit to many who live near it and for the entire community with the kind of design and permitting considerations and process built into this project as with any other in town. With this viability work done, we’re now ready to move forward with several important next steps.”

Poulin announced several actions that he expects will begin this spring and continue over the summer.

- The appointment and start of work by a committee to provide input into a request for proposal (or RFP) for the Recreation Center including lease requirements and specific recreation uses. The Foundation has requested the Board of Selectmen appoint a group including representatives of Town boards such as the Recreation Commission, Council on Aging and Finance Committee, youth and school recreation associations, and individual citizens who could provide useful input to the process.

- Conducting public forums for further review and input on the Recreation Center. Meetings will be held to review the recreation center concept plans and provide answers to questions available on the Foundation’s web site ( and presented at 6 neighborhood meetings held throughout the spring. These meetings will also provide and opportunity to walk through the demand analysis and business model prepared in support of the plans to the Finance Committee ahead of their 5-1 vote in favor of the ATM transfer and lease article. The environmental opinion being conducted at the request of the Town will also be reviewed and input will be sought into the facility uses to be included in the RFP

- Advancing discussions with potential users of a Recreation Center. Further outreach and discussion by the Foundation with recreation groups and individual residents that would be interested in using the recreation facility in Wayland will be held.

Steve Goldstein, one of the directors of the Foundation commented that “as an organization of long time Wayland residents, parents and adults who know the value of recreation, our role as a non-profit has been to bring together the recreation community who have a great need for more indoor and outdoor facilities, our fellow citizens who want to use a Recreation Center like this in town and the Town boards and private groups central to making this concept a reality. With more people in our community embracing recreation each year, from very young children to seniors, it’s time we put the recreation part of this land the town bought for $1.7 million now ten years ago to good use. These initiatives will keep this project moving briskly forward toward the goals so many in Wayland want to see achieved.”

Because the busy agenda for the Town Meeting beginning this week will likely push the Rec Center article to a third night when attendance is typically light, the petitioners will bring up the article again at the fall meeting when many more citizens will be present to consider and vote to authorize the Selectman with the approval of the Recreation Commission to lease the land for a center.

For more information, contact:

Steve Goldstein, , 617-797-0657
Director, Route 30 Recreation Center Foundation, Inc.