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    Default Shawn Kinney School Committee Q&A

    Note regarding Candidate Q&As: It is our policy, in order to be fair to all of the candidates, to keep all answers confidential until all are received so that no candidate has the advantage of viewing the others’ answers before taking a position. We gave candidates 11 days to respond to the Q&A, but Shawn Kinney did not meet our deadline, even after we offered extensions. Beth Butler’s answers were posted on our site Tuesday May 3. Mr. Kinney posted answers on his site Sunday, May 9.

    Because Mr. Kinney did not meet our deadline, we cannot post his Q&A to our elections page, but it is permissible to post his answers here. Please keep in mind that Shawn had the opportunity to view Beth's answers before responding. We apologize that the process did not work as intended and we are considering how to avoid this problem in the future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.

    The link to Beth Butler's Q&A is available here:

    The text of Shawn Kinney's Q&A is in the posts below, broken into two posts to comply with forum posting word limits.
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