On Thursday May 7th, 2010 the Wayland Town Crier published two op-ed pieces on the upcoming debt exclusion override.

One op-ed was entitled "Vote 'yes' on debt exclusion override question" and it was authored by the entire Board of Selectmen.

Another op-ed was entitled "No Menu Means No Override" and it was authored by myself.

I was pleased to see that the Crier had posted both of these op-ed's with equal weight and side-by-side as a point counter point comparison of these two approaches to presenting ballot questions.

The opinions are very clear...
One man's divisive is another man's line-item-veto and freedom of choice.
One man's divisive is another man's all or nothing and a beauty contest.

Gee, I have a lot to say about this going forward and trust me, I will..

But now its time to step up and debate this out in the open.
Any takers?