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    For those of you who have not yet read the Q&A posted on this site regarding positions held by the candidates for selectmen, I strongly urge you to do so. The differences between John and Don are striking, and it's hard for me to imagine anyone being "on the line" between them.

    I particularly draw your attention to the answer to question #11 regarding the rail trail. John's answer makes perfect sense, while Don's answer is terrifying. Reinstate the commuter rail through Wayland?!? Are you serious?? I shudder at the thought.


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    Thanks Carl for your comments on the Q&A. I think readers will find those documents to be useful in evaluating the candidates.

    They are available here:

    Regarding the rail trail, I understand Don Bustin's desire to be cautious, but perhaps he is unaware that:

    1. the MBTA conducted a feasibility study of this rail line just over ten years ago and found that it was not economically viable to restore service;
    2. the MBTA won't lease a right-of-way for a rail trail if they have any thought they might want it in the foreseeable future;
    3. the work to create a rail trail does not prevent the future restoration of the rail line should it become viable at some later time

    While I'm on this topic generally, I'd like to send a public thank you to Larry Kiernan, who has been spearheading the effort to bring the rail trail to Wayland. I admire his volunteerism, his enthusiasm and energy, and appreciate his time and hard work. The residents of Wayland are going to have Larry to thank as we enjoy this great recreational trail in the years to come.
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    I take the commuter rail into Boston from West Natick, which is just a shade under ten minutes from my home. Living in the SW corner of town, of course, I've got a shorter drive than most. For those north of Route 20, Lincoln is presumably an option. Adding an in-between commuter rail would certainly be convenient for much of Wayland (does that route feed to North Station or South Station?), but economic viability is of course critical. And as a cyclist, I'm big-time in favor of the rail trail in any event.

    I was surprised to see that Shawn Kinney chose not to respond to the WaylandeNews candidate Q&A--I was looking forward to reading what he had to say.


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