The Finance Committee has approved an expenditure of approximately $1 Million to rebuild and enlarge the beach house at the town beach. At the same time, they voted unanimously against the electronic voting article primarily because of its cost, which, according to the FinCom would be $178,000. Although electronic voting would not be without some flaws, it seems to me to be something that would have great potential to improve the efficiency of Town Meeting, causing it to take less time, and thus perhaps resulting in a greater number of residents being willing to participate. It would also result in more accurate vote counts, which would obviously be particularly important in close vote situations. I am having difficulty understanding why, in these economic times, we ought to be spending $1 Million on a beach house, but we don't have $178,000 to spend on something that would probably significantly improve our town legislative process. My disclaimer here is that I am not a "beach person," and I barely ever set foot on the town beach, so I could very easily be missing the importance of a new beach house.