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Thread: The Remaining Articles for Tonight's Town Meeting

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    Default The Remaining Articles for Tonight's Town Meeting

    There are several more articles for STM, which (hopefully) will be completed tonight.

    Here are my thoughts on some of them. I'm hoping others will jump in with their thoughts, as well as fill us in on some of the others that I've skipped, which I either have no opinion of or don't know enough about to have anything intelligent to say about them.

    The remaining articles:

    Article 20: Amend Chapter 6 of Town Code re: Posting of Board Policies
    I am in favor of anything that provides more transparency in government, so like it said on the Article 6 postcard, “Why Wouldn’t We?” I can think of no good reason not to support this article.

    Article 21:Change the format of Town Meeting
    This seems unduly complicated and unnecessary. Why would only certain articles be deemed to be voted by Official Ballot, and others not? This would change the nature, tradition and format of Town Meeting forever.

    Article 22:Electronic Voting at Town Meeting
    With no downside to this, there are many benefits:
    1. Privacy in voting
    2. A more efficient TM without the painfully slow counts and recounts
    3. Less babysitting cost, with shorter meetings
    4. Greater participation as more people are willing to attend, due to #1, #2 and #3 above
    5. Less cost to the town, with Town Meetings spanning fewer evenings per year.
    Like Articles 6 and 20, “Why Wouldn’t We?”

    Article 23: Create Town Meeting Debate Website
    Great idea, wrong format.
    There is no reason the town should incur the cost, aggravation and potential lawsuits resulting from such a site.
    Instead, eNews, the Crier, the petitioners of this article and are all more logical places to maintain such a debate.
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