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Thread: Questions to ask when visiting/considering colleges

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    Default Questions to ask when visiting/considering colleges

    Given that it's the end of spring break, this post may be a bit on the late side, but we're just back from some college visits with less obvious questions to ask of them fresh in my mind. Please suggest others to add to the list.

    Q: Does the school have an honors program, and if so, is it a separate application?
    Q: How accepting is the school of AP scores to test out of introductory classes?
    Q: Does the school have early decision or early action?
    Q: For what years is campus housing guaranteed?
    Q: When do students declare their major, and how does that vary by college: business, engineering, ...?
    Q: How easy is it to switch majors, and what's the process; is re-application required?
    Q: Does the school encourage/facilitate double majors or major/multiple minors?
    Q: Does the school encourage/easily allow students to create their own course of study?
    Q: To what extent are courses taught by professors versus graduate students?
    Q: What are typical and average class sizes and how do they vary by year and program?
    Q: What research, intern, and co-op opportunities are there, and are any of these available to freshman?

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    Q: How do housing assignments work for each of the four years?
    Q: Does the school permit study abroad? If so, does it run its own programs with its own profs?
    Q: If alcohol consumption is to be expected (and it is), do kids tend to party on campus and stay there, or do they typically party off-campus at distances that require driving?
    Q: How does the school determine first-year roommates?

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    Q: How many required courses are there, and in what areas?


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