In the past week our FireDepartment And Police Department and Dispatchers have had a lot thrown at them and they all did an Outstanding Job under some very hard conditions. On Monday March 15 the Basement in the public Safety Building started to take on Water at a very fast rate and the power had be shut down to the building and the fire department was moved to the Town Building temporarly and one Dispatcher (Thomas Turner ) Was deployed to Sudbury to answer Wayland 911 Calls. As the conditions worstened through out town raods were closed and traffic was detoured around flooded areas Pelham Island was cutoff and a school was pressed into service to shuttle residents from the the former Raytheon property to their homes when the water level got to high for the bus a DPW Truck was used and Finally a Boston Duck Tour Boat was brought in Thank You Boston Duck Tours.
At present the public safety building is running on Back up Diesel Generators and police Admistration set up in the emergency operatoins center in the building they are still pumping water out of the basement and will continue for a few days more. The heating system is out of commission and will be for 30 days as well as the airconditioning i do want thank the department of fire sevices for assisting with lighting plants and a generator and a diesel driven pump. This building has nothing a problem since it was built law suit after lawsuit when are we going fix the this problem this cannot keep going on it costing the taxpayers money
lets get it fixed and lawsuits will not fix it they help pay to have it fixed we should have listened to the old waylanders when don,t build
it there it is wetlands.