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Thread: Should we change Town Meeting to an Australian Ballot?

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    Mark, I'm unclear on one item: could 5% of the voters cause an item to be placed on the ballot, or could they cause a TM vote on whether it should be placed on the ballot?

    To answer your question, I believe your changes are improving the article. As one who sees great value in TM debate and discussion for the decision-makers, I'm still reluctant to support it, but I do think you've made it more palatable.

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    A few comments:

    • I'm not sure that it makes sense to allow the Moderator to unilaterally place an article on the ballot, and I'm not sure that if I were the moderator, that I'd want that power. Selectmen or 5% of registered voters seems sufficient--why subject the Moderator to the inevitable barrage of lobbying?

    • I understand the reasoning behind the delay, but wonder about whether having the vote at the polls lag Town Meeting by as much as a month and a half will mean that key arguments for and against an article are forgotten.

    • At present, Wayland holds a spring Annual Town Meeting for general articles and a fall Special Town Meeting for non-monetary articles--would we then need to add a day at the polls--and the associated cost--in the fall?

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