As with the School Committee election thread, it might be useful for the next two months to have a place where we can explore the Selectmen’s election. What will the issues be? What makes a good Selectman? Who are the candidates? Etc.

Let’s start with: I assume Michael Tichnor is running for reelection. Has anyone announced they’re running against him?

I would like someone to help me determine if my initial feelings about Michael Tichnor are misplaced. I feel that Mr. Tichnor and I do not share many of the same values. As examples, I would like the town to: actively involve/engage its citizens, creating a cooperative/collaborative working space, welcoming each and everyone’s participation; be truthful and willingly provide the information needed for its citizens to act in an informed manner; work to reconcile differences between citizens, not aggravate those differences; when making difficult decisions, have a tactful ability to “get people on board”, etc. On any of these I feel the Selectmen, and Mr. Tichnor as a “senior” member, have not performed well.

Perhaps you can show me that I’ve misjudged Mr. Tichnor and that he could become the leader I desire, but short of that, my initial reaction is that I would like to find and assist someone else who’s running. Could any of you direct me to someone who is willing to run? If that information is not for public consumption yet, I can be emailed. I’d love to collect signatures...