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Thread: Wayland’s Financial Reporting

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    For those of you who might be looking for something boring to fill up your idle hours, I have attached a couple PDFs that may help you sleep. One is “Wayland’s Combined Balance Sheet” from the 2009 Town Annual Report. I have made it an annotated PDF on which I have made comments (just roll over or click on anything that I have added and the comment will come up). The second PDF is a few pages about Financial Reporting from a business management website. It talks about financial reporting for companies, so some of it is not applicable to town government, but a lot of the reasons mentioned for good reporting, and the manner of reporting, would apply here also.

    Given that town debt is now high, taxes are high and rising, services are being cut, etc, seems that the town’s citizens will probably have to make some difficult decisions and will need as much actual financial information as they can get. If anyone has any ideas on how to get people to think this is important, I’d love to hear them.

    Also, if anyone doesn’t have the ability to read PDFs, just say so, I can direct you to where you can find a “Reader”. PDFs are important these days for sharing information.
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