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Thread: What is the true value of an email address?

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    Default What is the true value of an email address?

    The SOS thread has evolved into yet another interesting topic, that being how does one guage the value of an email address and as specifically applied to local politics?

    There are many parameters here:
    1. The relevance of the email address... that is; the probability of a positive response to the email campaign.
    2. The focus of the email address... that is; the geographical and political focus of the email lead.
    3. The freshness of the email address.. it is a current email address? Does it get to who it should and in a timely manner?
    4. Is the email address for rent; is it a one time shot where you only get the positive opt-in's?
    5. Is the email address for sale; do you get the actual email address with unlimited opportunities to mail it?
    6. Is the email address supplied with a name/address and/or phone number?

    Models for calculation of value:
    1. Pen/Paper/Postage PPP model
    2. Other models (I'll let Jeff D fill this in)

    Legal Recognition of email value
    1. What does the OCPF believe?
    2. What model will they use and why?
    3. Is value based on per use or not?

    I propose that these and other questions be addressed by this thread.
    Any references made to SOS, WVN, etc... should be for illustrative purposes and not to continue the SOS thread discussion - I think we should all adhere to this.

    Kim, I would like to suggest that you 'cull' the appropriate substantitive postings onto this thread.

    I would be pleased to participate in this thread starting Sunday and continue on until it burns itself out.
    Perhaps we can come to a common ground?
    Perhaps we cannot come to a common ground but at least we all understand each other's final position.

    We should all agree to keep an open mind.
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