Is it always just me that doesn’t understand?

The way I think it usually works is that government requires something and private businesses drag their feet to avoid the added cost. But our future traffic light in the “historic district” seems to work just the opposite. The developer wants to improve (traffic light, reshape) an admittedly bad intersection (Routes 27 and 126 by the library) but our Historic District Committee (“HDC”) doesn’t want them to. ? There has to be more to this than meets the eye.

Ignoring the issue of whether Wayland’s historic district is anything to write home about, or how wonderful those electrical wires/pylons are that pass right by there, why does the HDC oppose the light/road improvement when the developer is willing to help do it? Is HDC waiting until we/the town have to pay for it all by ourselves? The Glezen Road group, are they for or against the improvement? I can’t tell.

As for the developer, why is this a “killer”, why don’t they just go ahead and ignore the intersection issue? Any difficulties would then be the HDC’s responsibility. They could then go “see!” Unless their trucks would have difficulty making the corner, to and from Routes 27 and 126. If that’s so, then other trucks already have trouble making the corner, so maybe it should be fixed?

Me? Whether or not I was for or against the town center orginally, whether or not I think traffic, which is bad enough already, will get worse with the town center, I’ve gotten to the point where I feel, “geez, whatever, let’s get on with it!” and let’s move to other pressing issues. Please!

So, Alan waits for SOS to explain themselves about the email issue and I wait for the HDC to tell us what’s going on. But mums the word. I would guess that it makes very little difference if us “regular folks” don’t really know what’s what. That’s probably just the way it is.

Do you understand what’s going on with all this? What am I missing?