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Thread: School Committee Elections in 2010

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    Default School Committee Elections in 2010

    As I posted in another unrelated thread:

    I am NOT running for School Committee. I never planned to (just in case anyone thought this made my decision for me). To John's point, the SC is made up of people who desire the status quo, and are not interested in making things better. Even if I won, I would be one seat on a Board of five. I already know how the other four people feel, and as should be clear, I am often in exact opposition to those positions. So, rather than wasting the next two months campaigning for the seat, enduring the incredibly rude and unneighborly behavior I have endured in the past two elections, and then maybe winning only to frustrate the heck out of myself for the next three years, I've decided to devote my time to my work and my family, pursuits I know will be worthy of the time spent.

    Now that I'm out of the running, and knowing that there is one seat opening in this April's election, I'm curious to know who may be considering a run and what people believe the substantive issues are in such a race?

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    Wow, pages of response about how I did or did not vote and no responses to a question about something important that is soon to be decided by our electorate. Where are all the truthful, thoughtful, principled responses to this thread?

    Geez, I feel like Jeff D. responding to my own threads (Haha, for those who are sure to jump up and scream attack!)

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    I gather from the response that perhaps only the incumbent will run for SC this year ..... or her replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Baron View Post
    I'm curious... what people believe the substantive issues are in such a race?
    A few issues that come immediately to mind, in no particular order:
    • search for new principal at the Middle School and new superintendent when Gary retires
    • oversight of the HS construction project
    • negotiations with the teachers union for upcoming contract
    • the proposed external audit, and detailed review of the budget for cost savings
    • finding new revenue sources?
    • advance planning for an orderly transition should an ES be closed
    • other general ongoing issues: school choice, course offerings (AP in particular), full-day Kindergarten, use of technology to enhance the educational experience

    What am I missing? Jeff B, what are you most interested in? Anyone else?

    And no, I'm not running. :-)

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    Hi Jeff,
    I am sorry that you are not running, but it is understandable. I saw first hand how brutal the attacks were on your character, job etc. and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
    I think it is vitally important that an audit takes place. I have talked personally with school staff who have mentioned that there are payroll errors; maybe we should consider using a payroll service?
    Also, transportation continues to gobble up alot of school dollars; perhaps an auditor could find efficiencies in that area too?
    I am really hopeful that a new committee member would support a search far and wide for the superintendent position. We have to educate many generations of children, and we need a dynamic, thoughtful leader with creative and cutting edge ideas.

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    Kim, good list of issues, to which I’ve added Mary’s “payroll” and “transportation”, let’s hope people will add more to it. Can we categorize and/or prioritize the issues? (i.e., educational, financial, whatever) And then maybe look at each one and find out what we know.

    Do the “characteristics/skills” of a committee member (or prospective one) matter when they contemplate the “issues”, or do we only want one that agrees with us? Might we evaluate each existing school committee member in an attempt to understand what makes a good one. Especially Ms. Cohen, since she’s up for reelection.

    But first of all, does anyone know if Deborah Cohen is running again and who else who might be running for School Committee?


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