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Post 24 pretty much sums it up. Anything more would more or less only amount to "he said, she said..
Jeff, I beg to differ. Following Post #24, I posted the following as part of a response:

Most of what is written above is high-level summarizations. So, my question all along has been around the implementation plan associated with the SCI. Seems pretty light to me, as suspected. Under implementation details shown above, here's my questions (the letter in brackets refers to the points of the implementation plan):

(a) What does that mean? This is a 500,000-ft. sentence with no detail.
(b) Will this summer PD/training be required of all teahcers, or optional? If required, is there an additional cost(s) to Wayland in the form of compensation, fees for training programs, etc. If optional, how can we be assured this training will occur such that this program is ready to go come day #1 of school next year so that the computers are being used right away?
(c) Which five teachers? How are/were they selected? Again, will there be additional compensation afforded these teachers for this extra work? If so, how much? What other resources (people, materials, training, etc.) will be required for them? How much will they cost?
(d) Nothing substantive, except I can't see why the SCI is required for this? Need to understand this assessment requirement from the State before I can ask anything real here...

My bigger question is, why can't we look at what others have done and model our plans based on what has worked in other places instead of re-inventing the wheel here, all the while spending precious dollars that are probably better utilized elsewhere? For example, look at Wellesley (a peer town), which has already worked on this. Amongst other resources, check out http://www.wellesley.k12.ma.us/progr...ech/index.html and look under the Core Curriculum link. It has detailed plans for how technology is used at each level of their school system. Why not meet with them, understand what works and what doesn't, and then build off that? Simply view the link above (http://www.wayland.k12.ma.us/distric...strictTech.htm) after reading through Wellesley's plans and realize how embarassingly little detail our own implemetation of technology has.

Not he said, she said. These are legitimate questions in response to your answer. What say you?