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Thread: A note to my friend about lawn signs....

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    Default A note to my friend about lawn signs....

    I felt I should share an email I sent to a local friend who asked me for a Town Ctr and SOS sign to put on her lawn with her Santangelo sign. As we think about the upcoming vote, I wanted to share my train of thought.
    My email:

    I've heard Mark is a great guy and am thankful for all his time/efforts he has given to Wayland. I don't know him personally, but it is obvious to see that he has a big heart, lots of friends and is passionate about his beliefs. I respect that. When it comes down to the issues, and the dire need for creative, proactive, positive support to maintain Wayland's asset of education, I do not believe Mark is the right choice.

    I had the opportunity to speak with him right after his speech at Candidates Night and when I asked about where we could truly cut these large amounts in our schools, he offered up that our teachers should volunteer more time for things like TEC, etc. I'm not sure if he has spent time at Happy Hollow lately, but those teachers don't have time to go to the bathroom! With their CEU cuts, larger classes, and aging facilities, things do not look bright for maintaining our excellent teachers.

    Then, I read in his statement that he believes in "permanent structural budgetary changes immediately".... yes, we need to live on a budget, but the budget needs to be realistic...10 years ago I bet we never imagined paying what we do for utilities, gas, cars, houses, movies, etc....but it's not our imagination...inflation occurs...sensible progress is necessary and the limits of prop. 2 1/2 should be changed as well. Our fixed costs, alone, are more than 2 1/2%.....there is need for an override based solely on that!! To say "no more overrides" is shortsighted and detrimental to our community...maybe we need another override which might be smaller- maybe we can use the ad hoc budget committee to save more like we did this year....but to make a blanket statement "no more overrides" is not even keeping options open.

    He also doesn't support the town center, which having grown up in Wayland (41 years for those that like to quote longevity), I know would be a positive step forward. Let's not forget we don't own that property and something will go in---it is unrealistic to think you can keep from "permanently altering the character of the town"(Santangelo's statment)....if that was realistic, this town would look the same as it did when I grew up!!! And thank goodness it doesn't- with each sensible addition, opportunity and community grew. Mel's was a donut counter when I was young....I'm sure glad someone let them progress and grow. We had to drive to Wellesley for a dunkin' donut- again, glad it's local now. Don't get me wrong, I am all for not "malling Wayland", but support of the town center plan is another sensible, progressive, as rural as can be approach to the inevitable. Not to mention Wayland needs somewhere to bring us all together again!

    ok, now I'm embarrassed!!! I did not mean to slam you with this and I apologize if I have offended you!!!! I certainly do not take offense of your support for your friend- I admire you for taking a stand and know we can still be friends who simply disagree on different means to an all good intentions end!!!


    ps- I am off now to bring her the signs!!!

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    Default Update on my previous post

    Thought everyone should see my friend's email response to my previous email to her....shows how important it is to get facts before voting.
    The email reply from my friend read as follows:

    "Well, proves how much I don't know about politics. I had no idea that Mark was against the Town Center - bad me. I'm friendly with him; he's better friends with my husband (hangin' out buddy) but I didn't know or even think to ask about his views on things. Another - bad me.

    Hmmm, I'm going to have to rethink this issue. I like Mark but I want a Town Center! Fill me in on who is for it and I'll go from there. Thanks for the heads up.

    And yes, I'm willing to have a town ctr sign. Could cause a bit of controversy though with Mark's sign being next to it, won't it?"


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