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A question I heard at my neighborhood gathering that I thought worth asking for a public answer was: "I've seen the cut list, and I don't believe these are the cuts that are going to be made. If we vote down the override, the town will find ways to get more creative and make better cuts."
A: Our school administrators have spent hundreds of hours since last August thinking about how cuts would be made should they be necessary. They (and the School Committee) do not put together cut lists lightly.

Our current cut list (available here) is what we intend to implement should the override not be approved. That is not to say that we would stick with these cuts in the unlikely event that preferable options are found, but at this point, the committee is unaware of any less damaging alternatives.

If nothing else, readers should consider our cut list in the following light: if we don't implement what we said we would implement, we certainly would not be taken seriously the next time around.