I'm sure that most of the parents of rising seniors have already heard the screams, "How can they do this to us, they're taking away senior privileges?" It appears that as a by-product of the new High School building project we will lose the parking lot that the seniors use and hence they will not be able to take advantage of the open campus and senior privileges. Well this creates a big problem for me. For the last several years I have been motivating my child to study hard, do community service, practice the SATs, do well in sports, with the promise of senior privileges. I know that it was a crass thing to do, my child should have been motivated to do these things because it makes you a better person, and after all that is its own reward - however, you use whatever works. So, I need help. How can we find a way to find alternative parking that works. Dr. Burton has reported that it would cost $200 to $300K to pave over the softball field, and hence it is a no go. Well a no go is not an option. We have a lot of pretty smart people in town, and I think we can do better than that. So I beg you, please give me your ideas.