... waiting upon the Prince’s kiss of deficit funding in some mythical place called Wayland

I know, Im boring, but could we be serious for a moment. Did you know there’s a vote and Town Meeting this week? The more I post or talk to people, the more I seem to be becoming monothematic. That is, an advocate for just one thing. Seems I think town financial transparency is important. A value-based end in itself, yes, but also as the step needed to get people enough information so that they can see whether Wayland is facing a dismal financial future (my belief) or not. And that as only a step towards making decisions about how to fix the problem. So first financial transparency.

Since I’m promoting honesty, I feel obliged to tell you that I’m thinking of offering an amendment to Warrant Article #2 (about the new high school). The proposed amendment would require the town (school committee actually) to provide a listing of all monies received and spent on the high school project. Pretty simple, pretty straight forward.

I have a variety of reasons for thinking that this is a good thing to do. Some “informed” folks I’ve mentioned it to seem to think the school committee will try to defeat this amendment for a couple of different reasons. I’m curious to see how it all goes down.

(Now Jeff and Kim, I’m counting on you to tell me what’s wrong with this amendment idea.)