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At the local level, we actually do vote on every line item in the budget.

As for not taking our business elsewhere, on the state and local level, we certainly can. How well local government is run, the decision it makes the outcomes it produces, have much to do with how people make decisions about where to live.
Kim, I don't think I've ever got to vote on “every line item”. Have I been missing something?

And moving? I'm not sure whether I'm not saying it well, you're not understanding, or you're just glossing over it with a good sounding counter argument, but whether people in Wayland or Massachusetts can move does not imply that they have any choice over their government's provided services.

If there were two snow plowing companies I could choose from to do my street, then there would be choice. And there would be incentive for those companies to do the job better, and at a lower cost.

Monopolized government services misses out on that incentive. The fact that I can move, or that we elect our “representatives” (who have their own agendas I might add) doesn't replace that missing incentive. Or give me a choice about who plows my street (or how much it costs), even when they in fact now do a lousy job.