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Thread: Make 911 a bit easier

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    Default Make 911 a bit easier

    Last week we had an emergency 911 call. The fire dept was at the house in less than ten minutes.One of the questions that was asked by the EMTwas,"Do you have a list of all medicines and dosage that you take". My wife turned the list over to the EMT along with the names of our doctors.The emergency room doctors,were alerted and informed us that it saved them much much significant time in the application of treatment to my wife.

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    Excellent suggestion Senior1. Anyone needing a "File Of Life" - a small, red, folder with a magnetic strip, should stop by the COA. The File of Life comes with a card for you to complete with all your information - emergency contact names and numbers, insurance info as well as prescriptions, dosage, etc. The magnetic strip allows you to attach it easily to your refrigerator. Remember to periodically review your information to make sure it is current.


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