I wonder if the School Committee and Superintendent think that MCAS creates smarter (or "better") students. The number students in the Advanced level could also be a reflection of good test takers with good inherent knowledge. The number of students in the Warning or Needs Improvement level could be a testament to hard work for pupils who have special needs.

An excellent teacher could feasibly have many poorly performing students in his/her class and a bad teacher could have students who attain Advanced levels.

A poor student can achieve high scores and an excellent student could perform poorly -

So I think that general lessons can gleaned from the results. It appears that math is weak area in the elementary school.

It seems that if a tenured teacher consistantly has failing pupils, the MCAS results are a way to get around union rules and fire them. I would perfer that the administration be in charge of hiring and firing teachers and not our children's test results.

What do you think?