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Thread: Elementary School MCAS scores

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Dieffenbach View Post
    1. "Anonymous" said reconfiguration caused an MCAS drop.
    2. I contend that MCAS data doesn't even support a *coincident* drop, much less a causal one.
    3. In fact, MCAS data shows a coincident *rise*.
    4. No one has countered either (2) or (3) with any substance.

    I'm not saying that reconfiguration caused the rise. I'm not saying that other factors aren't masking a reconfiguration drop. I'm simply saying that no one has proposed any such factors backed by any evidence.
    If you acknowledge that the MCAS data does not preclude a "reconfiguration drop", then we're done.

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    Next, Middle School MCAS scores ... [grin]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Bernstein View Post
    In any endeavor where thought leads to action, it is essential to characterize the accuracy and relevance of what you know. Failure to do this can lead to incorrect conclusions and inappropriate or counterproductive actions.
    I’ll say.

    You two guys, Dave and Jeff, are great. The battle of the titans! What you both say is sometimes so good I just have to laugh. Dave, your little set about “groking” was priceless, excellently done, and Jeff, your finale of Middle School MCAS was truly funny.

    Dave, I included your quote above because I just wanted to make sure you knew that many of us are not like you and Jeff. “Failing to do” all of the above, I’m not sure I could categorize any of my thinking or actions as stemming from any place one could call rational. Seems I use intuition, and mostly act “on a wing and a prayer” (is that the phrase? a hope, a wish?).

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