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So funny, I can see them, the educators, sitting ‘round the table saying, “gee, only 40% of our students got question #44 right, they don’t seem to understand how this type of analogy works, guess we’ll have to work with/teach more of those kind of analogies before next year.”

For all their analysis, I haven’t heard an explanation of their understanding of the difference between CH and HH (my apologies to Lawrie’s request for statistical significance… what is “significant”) but the “detailed analysis” does seem to imply that they teach to the test, for whatever that’s worth.
You miss a key part of the process: our educators use the MCAS item analysis as input to a conversation that includes consideration of *whether* "those kind of analogies" (to use your example) are important within our educational philosophy.

I've got no problem teaching to the test ... as long as it's a good test.