Having failed to renew my auto registration on line, I had the pleasure of visiting the new Registry of Motor Vehicles EXPRESS office in the FAST LANE Building adjacent to the McDonalds restaurant rest area on theTurnpike. If you are not driving on the MA Turnpike, you can access the RMV Express from Rte 27 shortly after the Dairy Joy in Natick. It's on your right with a welcoming sign that says "authorized vehicles only". There is parking. You then walk between the Jersey barriers and take an outside tour of McDonald's before entering the Fast Lane building for the RMV. I was there Monday. It was packed with procrastinators like myself. I counted 51 people with one person at the RMV desk. You take a number ....and wait...so much for the term "express". They process only license and registration renewals. The good news ...there is an electronic number display for the RMV in McDonald's. At least you can go get a cup of coffee while you wait.