Yes, Mr. Negative is back

Everyone says how wonderful Wayland is, but I wonder, since I keep running into oddly strange and inconsiderate things. Last Friday, in a local bank I happened to overhear a very normal and upstanding local man, who was representing a local fund raising effort, talking to the branch manager. It was unbelievable, he was acting like a racketeer. The bank had donated some money, but he didn’t think it was enough and was trying to force them to give more. He actually threatened the bank, “… hundreds of local supporters, who would look unkindly on the bank not being more generous… wouldn’t be good for the bank.” He repeated versions of this threat multiple times. It was bizarre. I felt sorry for the manager who tried to be so proper and correct and not offend the man (it was actually a corporate decision). It was like a protection racket. Pay up or pay the price. He’s lucky I wasn’t the manager, I’d tell him to “kiss my ____” (wish we could swear here) and that he’d better get his act together or there would be no money next year. In addition, I’d talk to the other business supporters in town to communicate what a “creep” this guy was, and that it makes me wonder just how he’s using the money he’s raising… and that people might reconsider their support in the future.

Town’s Information

On a more serious note about the town’s ability to inform its citizens – they do a bad job. Just think, there’s important things going on, but can I find information anywhere. The new High School – can’t even find a photo of what it will look like. Let alone projections of the financial impact on taxes in coming years. Employee contract negotiations – wouldn’t it be great to know how our leaders are selling us taxpayers out in this time of tight money? Just watch, they’ll deceive us again, loading all the salary/benefit increases in the second and third years, so that noboby will complain this year, and then use the “contract requirements” excuse to explain increases in the future. Not a peep of truth anywhere. Just executive sessions and lawyers…

And what about the Electronics Communication Committee? Weren’t they going to have everything fixed by September? New web site, responsive representatives, new enforcable guidelines? Go to the town’s web site, they’ve never mentioned the ECC. Go to the ECC's “mywayland” web site and nothing has changed since the initial reports.

Gosh, so much for people knowing what’s going on.