Just to make you aware, the COA has received a confirmed report of a Canadian telephone scam resurfacing in Wayland. Although these calls play out differently, in this particular case it was a man identifying himself as the son of an older Wayland resident. He said that he had been in an automobile accident in Vancouver, British Columbia and needed money for rental car insurance. The caller then said he was going to put the insurance agent on the line to give instructions. The "agent" instructed the Wayland resident to go to Walmart to purchase a money order and be aware that the fee for the money order could be approximately $200. (Money Order amount was about $3500; an address was provided.) On a positive note, this situation did resolve itself after the Wayland resident was able to reach the actual son by cell phone. The son confirmed that he had not been in Canada. The money order was cancelled.

*In earlier Canadian telephone scams, it has been a younger person calling indicating that it was a grandchild stranded in Canada needing money immediately.

Caution is the operative word. Verify information and/or contact the police if you are concerned.