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    Has anyone had any experience with "Jitterbug" - a cell phone with advertised rates of $14.99/month? There is no contract. Any advice appreciated. It almost sounds too good.

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    Smile jitterbug phone response

    Hi, I believe that you need to check and see if you have to pay a large fee up front for the phone and how many minutes a month comes with the cost of $ 14.99 for a month. If you need more than this plan you have to upgrade to a more expensive monthly plan. Also ask if unused minutes are carried over to the next period you pay for. Other phone companies like AT&T have competing plans (like $ $49 for a samsung phone) and so much per minute for so many months, again depending on which plan you select. Good to shop around on this one, call the 8oo numbers and visit the companies in the Mall.


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