Not too long ago, I was overwhelmed with catalogs. One day, I received 28 of them in the mail. At about half a pound apiece, you can imagine the weight of my paper recycling each week. Finally, I got fed up. This was in late December of 2007. I started calling catalog companies (I just used the number they supplied for ordering). I kept a record. Some had to be called more than once. Then I found this web site that helps eliminate unwanted catalogs and used it as well.

I now receive only a few catalogs, and only those that I do want to get. The others have STOPPED. Miraculous.

I did have to file complaints with the Attorney General's office and Better Business Bureau in two states about two companies that just wouldn't take me off of their mailing lists. The complaints were very effective. All in all, either by phone or on line, I had to contact some 150 companies, but at least I'm not hauling backbreaking amounts of paper down to the Transfer Station any more.