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Thread: auto mechanic...fair and reasonable

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    Default auto mechanic...fair and reasonable

    Does anyone know of a good local automobile mechanic who is reliable and fair in his estimates/billing, and if so, does he work on both domestic and international autos?

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    Default Yes!!!

    We have a great mechanic, Craig, who owns Nine Acre Auto on Rt. 117. He handles both American and foreign cars.

    Recently, a friend of ours took her Toyota to the dealer and spent $1,000 -- they couldn't find the problem and were urging her to spend another $1,000. The car was then taken to Craig, who found the problem and fixed it for $50. Over the years, he has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars with our vehicles. He will also put your car out on his lot and help you sell it. It's a busy corner, so the exposre is great.

    His telephone number is 978-369-0056. Take Concord Road north thru Wayland and take a left on 117, go over the bridge and his is the gas station at on the left just before the traffic light.

    His gas prices are little on the high side, but don't let that fool you!! He's good, honest, reliable. I wouldn't let anyone else touch my car.


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