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Thread: Heating Oil Prices

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    I've been looking at current pricing for home heating oil on (Not all companies are listed, but you can check on companies by region.) I'm debating whether to "lock in" a price. Medway Oil was locking in at $2.89/gallon. Has anyone received any pre-purchase or lock-in pricing for home heating oil this winter?

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    I have found MacFarlane oil to be considerably cheaper than anyone else. As of this morning (Sat, Sept 5), they are at $2.49 per gallon, and I think you can lock in for that rate. They are a full-service company -- will clean your unit and come within a few hours if you have an emergency

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    Atlas Oil Company had a deal last week to cap oil at $2.59/gallon for the year..At present, they were selling their product for $2.29/gallon They are owned by Petro Oil.Yes, they were giving a free service contract and a furnace cleaning.


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