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    It has finnally happened WayCam can now broadcast live from the large hearing room in the Town Bldg .With the installation of a very high end digital video production system .Hearings from the large hearing room may now be broadcast live and taped for rebroadcasting .Last month WayCams Board approved funding for the system and it was insstalled last weekend .And was used for the first time.
    on March 28 2006 with the board of road commissioners public hearing .This comes at great time with the town center projects numerous hearings and board meetings.we will have alot programs coming from that room
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    This is a giant step forward for WAYCAM Channel-9. It will permit "Live" broadcasts of meetings involving large groups of people, both audience and participants to present their ideas in a setting that is not crowded, as has been the case in previous instances. The new equipment that was recently installed also has the capability for functions held in this venue to be tape recorded for later broadcast(s) by the station. I was one of the first folks to use this new technology as a WAYCAM volunteer and found it to be very user-friendly and not at all hard to learn. Thanks to Station Manager J8im Mullane, the members of the WAYCAM Operational Board, and also to the vendor and his crew who installed this new equipment.

    Tom Turner


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