Ah! It's you, John! I never would have guessed ;-)

I had just checked several whois sites this morning, and couldn't get that info. Did you recently update the domain information? (that link didn't list Last Updated info, like it did for ConcernedSchoolParents)

That said, I certainly never questioned the value of having the site or information on it. I merely found the juxtaposition of the words "Wayland Transparency" with the lack of actual transparency on the site to be amusing.

Further, it does matter who maintains a site -- think about how you react to information you find on FoxNews v. MSNBC v. the New York Times. Even videos can potentially be misleading, because while they accurately capture what they depict, what they choose to include or exclude at the start and end of a video may well be important.

So I would encourage you to contact that guy who owns it and see if he might put his name up there :-)