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Seems the actual purpose would include doing the above to some “end”. For instance, I’d “discuss” to elicit information from people more knowledgeable than myself. And we might “discuss” to help create a more informed citizenry that in a somewhat abstract way would then promote better and more efficient government services.
I like this modification a lot, and it's hardly controversial. I'm curious, Kim, is the purpose you described something that you and the Editorial Board crafted "verbatim" (as in a mission statement), or is it simply your "shorthand" characterization?

I can't find any "mission" stated within the DF, and on the general WaylandeNews.com site, here's the only thing that I could find (from the About Us) page.

"Our mission is to provide news and information to Wayland residents. We welcome editorial exchange. We encourage your participation."
Perhaps its time to revisit and potentially amend that statement. Not urgent, just a thought. And, the manner in which the mission is stated won't really do anything to actually increase participation. That's the realm of a membership drive of some sort.