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Thread: Can Anyone Play This Game?

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    Default Can Anyone Play This Game?

    I’m new here, and being not quite the same as most people in Wayland, I fear that I’ll be ridiculed for thinking differently. Nevertheless, I do think this discussion board is a great thing and say “good job” to the people who make this possible and to those who post.

    There’s much that I don’t know about Wayland and maybe if I ask questions people will help me fill in the blanks. Perhaps the people here would enjoy analyzing things with an eye to increasing everyone’s understanding. First off, I’d like to understand “What’s going on” here at WaylandeNews’ Discussion Forum (“DF”). Any ideas about how to start thinking about this? How about the DF’s purpose, the function it serves, or the goals of the people who started it? Or maybe the goals of those who post, or who just read? What are these goals and is the DF satisfying any or all of them?

    Do the number of people posting and reading make any difference to the success of meeting those goals? Does the percentage of Wayland residents taking advantage of the DF have any significance? I’ve attached a chart of the DF member’s posting history. The data is a month old but things are still probably much the same. It shows that most posting is done by a very small group. I’m not saying this is bad, but is “broadening” or even “deepening” the discussion desired? How would any of this relate back to purpose/goals?

    Does the DF evolve? How? Does it want to? To where? And how do we get there from here? Is WaylandeNews an unbiased location to have an appealing-to-all public discussion? Do we need some sort of structure to come to an understanding of what actually is, how we want things to develop, and what we have to do to make it all happen?

    Any interest in thinking about these things?

    (Please feel free not to vote for me. (grin) Honestly, you probably wouldn’t want to.)
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