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Thread: Preparedness and Biodefense

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    Exclamation Preparedness and Biodefense

    I am writing to let you know of a public health planning and communication tool available on the Web. The Disaster Knowledge Management System, or DKMS, is open to anyone who wishes to register to have access to the site. There is important information about disaster, bioterrorism, and pandemic flu preparedness on the site, with information updated regularly. It is a powerful tool for professionals and the public alike and serves as the information backbone of the Resilience Network.

    Community resilience will be the largest factor in how a community survives the challenge of a catastrophic threat such as a local disaster (flood, blizzard, hurricane) or pandemic flu. Resilience is a quality that is developed through effective planning and sustained community volunteer effort. It is how you transform a suburb into a village. The DKMS is a resource in facilitating this transformation.

    To access the DKMS, go to

    Steven Locke, MD
    Former vice-chair, Wayland Board of Health
    Organizer, Healthy Wayland 2010 Health Fair

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    Thanks for this post. I have been clicking around on the DKMS site, and it is very rich. Less than an hour after I registered and indicated an interest in "dynamic modeling" I got an email from a member pointing me to a couple of models he wanted me to take a look at. It's a wonderful virtual community, and just the sort of knowledge sharing we're going to need!

    If you're interested in avian flu, another interesting site is FluWiki.



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