While I'm not officially speaking on behalf of the School Committee, I suspect that I'm not going too far out on a limb when I say that I echo the thanks of the other members for the unanimous support at Town Meeting for the operating budget, the capital budget, and the HS article.

There is much work to be done, and in challenging times. I have no doubt that Wayland will rise to this challenge.

A quote from Wayland's School Superintendent strikes me as being particularly timely.

Because of spiraling costs, all we're doing now educationally is holding our own and hanging on to what we have. At this rate we're not going to make any dramatic improvements. And yet, the taxes we pay for our schools are certainly high enough.

I refer not to current Superintendent Gary Burton, of course, but rather to a predecessor of his, Edward J. Anderson, circa 1957, when the Town last worked to build a high school.