[Full disclosure: one of this year’s three Selectman candidates, Sue Pope, is a former member of our Editorial Board. Sue resigned from our board in October 2007 when she was appointed to fill a vacancy the Wayland Finance Committee, due to our policy that no Editor may hold appointive or elective office in Wayland while serving as an editor of WaylandeNews.]

This year, there are two open seats on the Board of Selectmen, and of the three candidates running, we support Tom Fay and Sue Pope.

Tom Fay is a 16 year resident of Wayland, a father of four and partner in a Boston law firm who has chaired the Wayland to Waveland Hurricane Relief Steering Committee for the past three and a half years and is active in the St. Zepherin parish. He is highly regarded for his intelligence, ethics, and sense of public duty. He believes in seeking ways to stretch resources through joint purchasing, consolidating departments, and partnering with other communities – in other words, streamlining the delivery of services rather than eliminating them – and we believe that is the best way to maintain the Wayland that we know and love. You can read Fay’s Candidate Statement or refer to his Candidate Q&A for more information.

Sue Pope is the consummate Wayland booster. A 39 year resident and former five term State representative who served 9 years on each of the Board of Selectmen and School Committee, and is currently serving on the Finance Committee, active with Friends of the Council on Aging, and a Trustee of Parmenter, there are very few people in Wayland who can match Pope’s experience, knowledge and statewide connections that can be leveraged for Wayland’s benefit. There are some in Town (including this editorial board) who disagreed with Sue’s positions on state level political issues, but her knowledge and wisdom on Town issues is formidable. The fact that she would add some gender diversity to our all-male Board of Selectmen would be a great thing, too. You can read Pope’s Candidate Statement or refer to her Candidate Q&A for more information.

Alan Reiss is a 21 year resident and former one term Selectman who was defeated when he ran for reelection last year. He is often cited as one who can provide an alternative view to those currently sitting on the Board. During his prior term, he worked very hard on a variety of initiatives such as affordable housing and the Town Center project, and he has continued to offer suggestions on budgetary and community development issues. Our concern is that he is less likely to support maintaining the current quality of the schools for tax reasons, and that he favors menu overrides which we view as divisive. We agree that it is important to strike a reasonable balance between controlling the tax burden and maintaining services; however, it seems that our point of balance is not consonant with his. You can learn more about Alan by reading his Candidate Statement and Candidate Q&A.

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